Pre-Order Updates

To Our Amazing Farmers Market customers:

Please read the following carefully and in its entirety.

- Due to the way our pre-order system is built, we are no longer able to offer unpaid market pre-orders for the foreseeable future. HOWEVER, we will be continuing to offer paid order pickups at market locations. If you can order one of our Freezer Filler boxes instead of individual items it will help us process orders faster, they're currently offered at a special discounted rate.


Place a box order here:

Place an A La Carte order here:


- We will no longer offer weekday order pickups of any kind until the current health emergency has passed; AT THIS TIME, WE WILL BE OFFERING PAID ORDER PICKUPS AT MAR VISTA (Sunday), STUDIO CITY (Sunday) AND HUNTINGTON BEACH (Saturday) ONLY; The health and safety of our staff is of paramount concern to us, and we need to stay healthy to keep you full of meat!


- Walk up sales are still being accepted on the days and dates above as well, just no unpaid preorders. However, pre-paid orders will help us get orders processed faster on market days and will be greatly appreciated.


- Again, our 3 purchase options at this time are to pay for an order and have your order shipped, to pay for an order and pick it up at an available location, or to walk up and ask for what you'd like at an available location. 


- PLEASE don't call us to check the status of your order unless absolutely necessary; we are processing as fast as possible and every minute we're on the phone is a minute we're not packing your order.


- Please stay calm and only order what you need; there is no need to stock up excessively, we have plenty of product and will be updating the website daily as new product arrives to our warehouse. Simply order what you need a few days before you need it and everything will be smooth!


Thanks for your understanding and support, we'll get through this together!





Place a box order here:

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