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Buy Ranch Direct is a co-op of family-owned ranches selling pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed & finished beef, bison, pork, lamb, rabbit and poultry direct to consumers at farmer's markets across Southern California.  We are building a team of farmer's market staff to help spread our message of health via grass-fed and responsibly raised meats.  

Current Market Locations include:

Job Description:

Our farmer's market cashiers are the front lines to our customer base.  We service 6 markets across the Greater Los Angeles area on Saturdays and Sundays.  A cashier will be require to show up approximately 30 mins before the start time of the market assigned to help set up for service.  Cashiers will greet customers and answer any questions they are able to; if they are unable to answer the question, they will be proactive in helping the customer get their answer.  A cashier will be detail oriented in making sure that each item is properly scanned and reflects the appropriate price.  Cashiers will take cash and credit card payments and issue receipts.  A cashier's main responsibilities is to ensure that our customer's receive the best possible service.

Farmer's Markets range from 5hr to 8hr shifts and the ideal candidate will be able to work a Saturday and a Sunday market.  Cashiers will be required to come to our Warehouse in Huntington Beach for 1 paid training session.  Starting pay is $12.50/hr.


  • Reliable Transportation
  • Punctual and professional
  • Experience using a mobile POS system like Square, Clover, etc. is a plus.
  • Farmer's Market or other cashier experience is a plus.
  • Experience with food (especially meat) sales is a plus.

Please send interest and resumes to

Please include:

  • Name
  • Availability
  • Ideal Market Location
  • Start Date
  • Best contact information
  • Resume if applicable.


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