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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

How can I contact Buy Ranch Direct?

By email: info@buyranchdirect.com or by Phone: (714) 514-4797

Do you need to have a membership in order to purchase?

No. Our membership program is an added bonus to those who frequently shop with us. They receive access to member specials and a standing 5% discount on every purchase. Click Here for details

Where can I buy your meat?

If you are in or around Southern California, you can buy our meat in person at one of the 6 farmer’s markets we visit each week in the greater Los Angeles area. You may also have meat shipped directly to your door. If you live in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, you may also be eligible for our flat-rate In-House Delivery Service!

Do you sell dog food?

No, we do not sell dog food; all of our meats and related products are certified by the USDA and are intended for human consumption. However, we do sell products called Beef Blend and Lamb Blend which contain a mixture of 75% lean meat, 10 % heart, 10 % liver/kidney and 5% bone meal as well as a Chicken Blend with Hearts, Gizzards and Liver added, that some people regularly feed to their animals. Other people find that their pets prefer chicken breast or pork kabobs; it's really up to  your animal's specific preferences. 

Do you sell whole sides of beef, bison, pork or lamb?

Not at this time. We specialize in offering individual cuts, allowing you to order exactly what you want to! An easy way to stock up on a larger assortment of meats is through our Freezer Filler Boxes.

Do You Use mRNA derived vaccines on your animals?

No. We do not currently use mRNA derived vaccines on our animals, and have no plans to use mRNA derived vaccines in the future on any of our animals.

Our Meat

Where does your meat come from?

On our property in Northern California and sometimes from our neighboring ranches that meet our high standards for raising grass-fed and finished meat. Visit our About Us page for more details.

Is your meat grass fed and finished?

Yes, all of our grazing animals‚ÄĒcows, bison, yak‚ÄĒeat only grass, specifically chosen for its nutritional density. Our foraging animals‚ÄĒchicken, pigs, turkeys, ducks‚ÄĒeat our lush grass as well as a mixture of bugs, seeds and whatever else they can sniff or peck out; when needed, we supplement our foraging animals' diet with Certified Organic Rice to eat at their choosing (never for ruminant animals!).¬† All the animals drink water from our property‚Äôs fresh mountain spring.¬†

What is grass-fed and finished?

Grass-fed and finished means that all our animals are raised on pasture, eating only grass from birth to market. Find out why we think offering grass-fed & finished meat products is so important.

Are you animals ever fed corn or soy?

Nope! Depending on our winter weather (we do get a lot of snow!), we will provide our poultry and pork with certified organic rice, to be eaten at their discretion.

Is your meat certified organic?

No, our animals are raised organically using certified organic grass, but we choose small scale USDA certified processors for their expertise and quality of work. They often cannot afford the fees that come along with an organic certification, so we cannot market our product as certified organic.

How is your meat inspected and processed?

All of our meat is inspected  and stamped by the USDA and is processed using up-to-date humane practices emphasizing animal welfare.

Is all your meat frozen?

Yes, all of our meat is vacuum sealed and flash-frozen minutes after processing to maintain the quality of the meat over a significant period of time. Check out our article on the flash-freezing process and why we think it’s important.

How long can my meat cuts last in the freezer? What about the refrigerator?

If the vacuum seal remains intact and the product remains frozen, our meat will last for up to 2 years in the freezer.

Once it is thawed, our meats will last up to 10 days.

Do your cured meats (bacon, salami, jerky) contain nitrates?

All our items that are labeled as ‚Äúuncured‚ÄĚ go through a curing process using¬†naturally occurring nitrates¬†from the addition of celery juice powder.¬†No artificial preservatives, such as potassium nitrate, are used in our products.


What forms of payment to you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can receive a store credit for the value of your order if you contact us immediately. However, once the order is shipped you are unable to cancel that order. Please see our refund policy and shipping policy.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a $100 minimum orders placed through our website. However, Buy Ranch Direct Members have no order minimum!

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Your order will typically ship the Monday or Tuesday following your order. Certain circumstances can delay this process. We will notify you if this is the case.


Where does Buy Ranch Direct ship?

We can ship anywhere in the continental United States. We do not currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska, but orders may be approved on a case by case basis; inquire at info@buyranchdirect.com

What shipping method do you use?

We offer shipping via FedEx and UPS nationwide. We offer a variety of methods, including 2-day, overnight and ground shipping depending on what will keep your meats temperature safe for the duration of transit to your residence.

All orders are packed in state-of-the-art molded EPS containers, with re-usable ice sheets and insulating materials when necessary, keeping your product cold without the need for Dry Ice, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions! 

Can I track my shipment with FedEx/UPS?

Yes, you will be provided with a tracking number for each shipment once the order has been fulfilled.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

No, but we strongly encourage that arrangements are made to receive the shipment as soon as possible; As all our items are perishable and we are not responsible for products that thaw on the doorstep, please promptly open your boxes and get your meats into the freezer quickly!

Boxes delivered on-time to the correct location will not be eligible for returns for any reason in most circumstances.

What if I provided an incorrect shipping address?

Contact us immediately at info.buyranchdirect@gmail.com. We are not responsible for any incorrect shipping information once the order has been shipped, and no refunds will be given on such orders.

Do you offer In-Store Pickup?

Yes we do! Prior to checkout, simply select "Pickup In Store", select your location and complete your purchase. Then simply bring your receipt to the location during business hours and we'll give you your order!

Are the packaging materials recyclable?

All of our packaging materials are recyclable and we encourage everyone to reuse the material as much as possible. 

Are shipping costs included in the box price?

No, all shipping costs will be calculated based on the destination.

What if my items arrive partially thawed?

If any of your items arrive partially thawed, they are still safe to eat. If they arrive completely thawed, use your best judgement and contact us at info.buyranchdirect@gmail.com

How do you handle returns?

We do not offer returns unless the product is defective; potential returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Document the defective items and contact us within 72 hours of delivery at info.buyranchdirect@gmail.com

Special Orders

What is a special order?

You may submit a request to receive items that we typically do not carry in stock. Special cuts, whole primals and animals are all considered special orders. We reserve the right to decline any request.

How far ahead must I place a special order?

Depending on the specificity of the order, most take 2-3 weeks to receive.  Contact info@buyranchdirect.com for details and estimates.

Do you sell whole sides of beef, bison, pork or lamb?

Not at this time. We specialize in offering individual cuts, allowing you to order exactly what you want to! An easy way to stock up on a larger assortment of meats is through our Freezer Filler Boxes.