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Diamond Mountain Spring Water

Diamond Mountain Spring Water

At Diamond Mountain Ranch, we produce high quality meat products by providing our animals with the highest quality of life.  Our sustainable growing practices allow the animals to graze freely on our proprietary grass blend while having access to fresh mountain spring water that originates from the melting Sierra Nevada snow pack.

If the grass blend is our secret to creating the highest quality meat in Southern California, then the natural spring water is an ace up our sleeve. 
Our spring water was tested to be sure that we are providing our animals with the highest quality water and we were amazed by the results.  The test conducted by Basic Laboratory Inc. concluded that the water is nearly neutral with a pH of 7.12, has no detectable levels of inorganic compounds and is free of harmful chemicals commonly used by municipalities to disinfect water sources. 

These chemicals, referred to as chloramines (chlorine & ammonia), do an excellent job of killing most pathogens in water systems, but they also produce disinfection byproducts (DBPs) such as Trialomenthanes and Haloacetic Acids which have been linked to cancer.  While the health risks of consuming DBPs are much less than those of the pathogens they target, being sure through testing that neither exist in our spring water is reassuring.

Being void of harmful bacteria and DBPs is only the beginning.  Water filtration systems, such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and distillation, are designed to eliminate harmful materials but are non-selective.  They remove beneficial minerals that naturally occur in the water source, like Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium.  The tests concluded our spring water contains all these life-supporting minerals, resulting in crisp, clean water that feels pure with no chemical aftertaste.

After determining that our spring water is not only clean but beneficial, we decided that we should share it with our health & environmentally-minded customers.  We blocked off the top pool from the animals, leaving the bottom two pools available for them to drink, and installed a solar-powered pump that efficiently and sustainably draws the water up from the aquifer. The water is then brought down to our headquarters in Huntington Beach where it's bottled into easier-to-carry 3-gal containers for distribution to our customers.

If you are interested in water that not only tastes great (and makes GREAT coffee) and gives you the minerals you need to feel strong and healthy and is, most importantly, untouched by chemicals, please place a pre-order so we can bring you a bottle of your very own.

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