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Ranch Direct From Our Northern California Farm

Ranch Direct From Our Northern California Farm

Don't look now, but there is a revolution in full swing when it comes to the meat industry. Part of it is vegetarianism, but that’s not the whole picture - others of us still want to enjoy meat without being involved in the disgusting factory farming processes that have distorted the lives of our cattle, sometimes almost beyond recognition.

Humanely Raised 

For us, pasture raised is the only way. At our Northern California ranch, in the shadow of the Sierra Nevadas, our animals graze peacefully, enjoying a grass-fed diet and access to sun, light, and freshwater. That’s in contrast to cattle fed corn and even worse stuff, leading to stomach problems, and kept in poor environments, just to save a few cents on the dollar. 

This isn't just humane for animals, although it is the only way to really humanely raise cattle for meat. It's also good science – organic advocates understand how squeezing animals into dark boxes requires more antibiotics and medicines, and generally decreases both the animal’s health and the ensuing quality of the meat. It’s a vicious cycle that’s basically driven by greed – that and the traditional “out of sight, out of mind” mindset about where our food comes from. But that’s changing quickly. 

Our meat packages are 100% grass-fed with no hormones and no antibiotics, but just as importantly, (if not much more importantly!) they are humanely raised so that our animals enjoy a decent quality of life.


Let's talk about another principle that's becoming big in the agricultural world.

Biodiversity involves using the natural synergy of our planet to host different kinds of creatures and plants.

On our ranch, we raise not only beef and pork, but also bison, rabbit, lamb and yes, yak. Sometimes people ask us why we do that since most restaurant menus only feature two of those meats.

Our answer is that another pillar of better restorative and sustainable ag practices, along with pasturing and grass-fed diets, is promoting a more diverse diet. When we promote biodiversity, we change the equation on factory farming in which mass manufacturing processes really degrade how people grow what we eat.

Get fresh, humanely raised meats directly to your door from a producer that cares about quality, and also cares about the animal! Don’t accept anything less, because, in the years to come, factory farming is going to be seen as a barbaric anachronism. Get on the vanguard of folks who are putting their money into healthier, more humanely raised meats and a better diet in so many different ways. 

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