What the Cut?: Flap Meat

What the Cut?: Flap Meat

What the Cut?: Flap Meat


Flap Meat is the black sheep of the beef cuts. Located in the bottom sirloin -- where the sirloin and flank subprimals meet -- it is one of the main three cuts that can be considered beef flank cuts but its haggard appearance and unappealing name often causes it to be overlooked. With a deep flavor and firm texture that is very similar to a flank steak, its less than uniform grain direction makes it a perfect cut for slicing into outstanding fajitas and other chopped meat dishes.



French butchers refer to as Sirloin Bavette from the French word for “bib.” A move that may have been obvious and inconsequential, just might have saved our domestic flap cuts from being sent straight to the grinder.

While it can be prepared whole, due to its inconsistent shape and undulating surface it's difficult to get an even caramelization from grilling or searing as one piece. It’s best to slice it into bite sized pieces then incorporate into stews, chilis and tacos. Where the flap truly shines though is as fajitas. It has a strong beef flavor that takes very well to marinades, your preferred seasonings left to ride the coattails of the great meaty flavor.

A 3 oz serving of cooked flap meat contains: 

160 calories
2.6g saturated fat
23 g protein
1.5 mg iron
4.3 mg zinc

AKA: Sirloin Flap Meat, Flap, Sirloin Bavette, Sirloin Tips.


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