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Ultimate Freezer Filler * 10 LBS BISON *

Ultimate Freezer Filler * 10 LBS BISON *

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**  We have packed our best value boxes ever  **

**  Stock your freezer while supplies last  **

%100 Pasture Raised + Grass Fed & Finished + Ethically & Sustainably Grown in California 

Each box contains a minimum of 10 LBS of hand selected cuts & Ground Bison, including approximately: 

- 3-4 lbs Bison Roasts (such as Chuck, Crossrib, Rump or Sirloin)

- 1-2 lbs of Bison Steaks

- 1-2 lbs of Bison Stew, Osso-Bucco, Oxtail, etc.

- 3-4 lbs Ground Bison