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Braised Apple Cider Pork

Braised Apple Cider Pork

This braised apple cider pulled pork is a one pot meal cooked with apple cider, bone broth, onions, apples and herbs until the pork is fork tender! The pork is simmered in this sweet and tangy braising liquid from the apple cider and apples. You can use this pork in anything from sliders to grilled cheese or serve on a bed of mashed potatoes with lots of sauce! The perfect comfort meal you’ll want to make all year long.

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Cooking Variations

*Substitute different meat: This recipe is a great base and works well with a variety of meat. Use pork butt (bone-in or bone out), pork kabobs, pork spare ribs or pork sirloin chops. Basically any kind of meat that requires low and slow cooking. We just love the way savory pork pairs with sweet and tangy apples!

Best apples: The best apples are tart and firm. Our favorite apples to use are  honey crisp, granny smith, crispin or pink lady.

Apple cider: Look for apple cider that’s fresh pressed and unfiltered. It should be bright and fresh with no added sugar.

How to cook in the slow cooker?
You can also make this in a slow cooker. Make sure to brown the meat in a cast iron pan and build flavor with the aromatics. Turn the slow cooker on low for about 4-5 hours. Cover with the lid and cook until tender.

Braised Apple Cider Pulled Pork

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours 45 minutes
Makes: 6 - 8 servings

3-4 lb pork butt roast, boneless or bone-in or pork sirloin chops (both cut into large pieces. If cooking whole time will vary)*
2 tbsp avocado oil
3 cups chicken bone broth
2 cups apple cider (unfiltered and unsweetened)
1 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp dried minced onion
4-6 garlic cloves, grated or minced
1 tsp kosher salt
½ tsp ground black pepper
2 thyme sprigs
2 medium red onions, cut into quarters
2 tart apples, cut into wedges (honey crisp, granny smith, crispin)


  1. Heat oven and season meat: Preheat the oven to 325 F. Open and remove the pork butt from the packaging. Place on a large plate, pat dry with paper towels. If there’s a large fat cap, trim off excess fat. Cut the pork butt into 2 to 4 large pieces or leave it whole if it’s bone-in. Season generously with salt and pepper. Let sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes or until all ingredients have been prepped.
  2. Make braising liquid: In a small bowl whisk together chicken bone broth, apple cider, Dijon mustard, minced onion, garlic cloves, salt and pepper. Set aside.
  3. Brown the pork butt: Heat avocado oil over medium-high heat in a Dutch oven. Once the oil is hot, add the pork butt in a single layer (you may need to work in batches). Sear all sides until deeply browned. This will take about 3 to 4 minutes per side. Once browned, transfer the pork butt to a bowl and set aside.
  4. Add the liquid & deglaze: Then slowly pour only 1 cup of the liquid to deglaze the Dutch oven. Use a wooden spoon to scrape all those caramelized bits off the bottom. Add the pork butt back into the Dutch oven, along with the thyme sprigs and pour the rest of the liquid on top. Cover and place in the oven.
  5. Braise in the oven: Braise pork butt for about 3 hours, flipping the pork halfway through. If cooking a boneless pork butt start checking for doneness around 2 ½ hours. When the pork is almost fork tender, remove from the oven and add the onions and apples around the pork. Place back into the oven (with no lid) for another 30 to 45 minutes or until pork is fork tender.
  6. Remove from the oven and let rest: Take the pork out from the oven and let it rest in the liquid for about 10 minutes before serving. Adjust seasoning as needed.
  7. Enjoy: Serve pork with lots of juice, along with apples and onions. Make sure to serve with something satisfying to soak up all that rich meat flavor. Pair with roasted cauliflower, mashed potatoes, or polenta.
  8. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days or frozen for up to 3 months.

*picture was provided by canva