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Sirloin Cap

Sirloin Cap

Salt, Fat, Fire!


The Top Sirloin Cap Roast is from the sirloin subprimal and is of the most underrated cuts of beef.  Sometimes referred to as the Coulotte, it has a similar texture and flavor to the NY Strip and is a prized cut in Brazil where it is called a Picanha.

This flavorful and affordable cut can be used in several ways:
  • Roasting: Prep the roast by cutting a cross-hatch pattern across the surface of the fat cap.  Try your best to cut deep into the fat but not into the meat. Aim for about halfway. This helps the fat render out completely, avoiding any chewy fat bits.  Season generously with coarse sea salt and sear fat side down for 6-8 mins over med high heat, or until the fat turns a light golden brown.  Flip and place in an 325 degree oven FAT SIDE UP.  Cook for 15-25 mins until you reach an internal temperature of 130F for med rare, 140F for medium*.  Remove and rest for 10-15 mins.  Slice perpendicularly to the grain of the meat and serve as-is or on a salad or grain bowl.  (Note:  due to the shape of the roast, the thin side will cook faster than the thick.  This might be okay for families who like their meat cooked differently, if not, cut into two pieces and roast the same for a little less time.
  • Grill: this can be grilled whole but the best was is to cut the roast perpendicularly to the grain, into 1.5-2" steaks.  Roll in coarse sea salt and place on a smoking hot grill for 2-4 mins.  Flip and continue cooking over indirect heat for 4-6 mins or until an internal temp of 130-140F* is reached.  Rest for 5-7 mins and serve.
  • Rotisserie or Churrasco: if you are lucky enough to have a rotiserrie set-up at home, this is by far the best way.  Cut into steaks as described above and roll in coarse sea salt.  Instead of placing on the grill as above, skewer each steak into a C-shape (think shrimp kabob) and roast over a charcoal fire until the 130-140F* internal temp is reached.  To cook like a Brazilian, use Brazilian Lighter Fluid:  While the grill heats up, throw some pork sausages on and allow the pork fat to drip down onto the coals.  Extra flavor and fun.

*If you don't have a meat thermometer, please buy one and stop wondering if your meat is cooked the way you like.  They are cheap and you will seem like a grill wizard to the unwise.