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What’s The Cut? Know Your Beef Ribs (Back, Short & Korean Style)

What’s The Cut? Know Your Beef Ribs (Back, Short & Korean Style)

There are a lot of choices when it comes to beef ribs but basically there are two main types of beef ribs, back ribs and short ribs. Beef ribs offer a variety of meat, fat, and bone marrow, making them the perfect choice for meal prep. Depending on where you are in the world or even the US, each rib could be called or cut differently. Fatty or lean, smoked or braised, here is a quick introduction to the beef ribs we offer at Buy Ranch Direct.

Back Ribs

Back ribs are cut from the rear portion of the ribs towards the spine, next to the shoulder. These rib bones are about 8 inches in length and are slightly curved with most of the meat between the bones. Back ribs don’t tend to have much meat because most of the meat is cut for either ribeyes or prime rib; however, the quality can’t be beat. When cooked right these back ribs are tender, juicy and flavorful! Back ribs are also rich in marrow, which makes them the perfect addition to soups or stews.

AKA: Spare Ribs
Primal: Rib
Best Cooked: Smoker, Braise, Slow Cooker, Pressure Cook or Grill

Try making these Texas Style BBQ Beef Ribs that are juicy and flavorful!

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Short Ribs (Bone-In)


These ribs are not called short ribs due to their length, but because they are cut from the cow’s short plate in cross cut sections of three ribs. Short ribs have that rich fat marbling with that deep beefy flavor similar to the chuck roast. They do contain a large amount of connective tissue, so short ribs should be cooked low and slow until they fall off the bone. Short ribs are a popular cut to braise, slow cook or pressure cook.

Note: Boneless short ribs are cut from a different section and will cook differently than bone-in short ribs. They have a faster cooking time and can be grilled similarly to Korean short ribs. Boneless short ribs also go by the name Denver steaks.

AKA: English Cut
Primal: Short Plate
Best Cooked: Braise, Slow Cooker, Pressure Cook, Stew

If you're looking for a comforting meal, try making these Ginger & Garlic Braised Beef Short Ribs!

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Korean Short Ribs (Thin Cut)

Korean Short Ribs come from the chuck end of the short ribs, making them one of the best sources for short ribs. They are cut lengthwise across the bone resulting in a thinner meat section (¼ inch thick) with three small rib bones. These ribs are meaty, extremely marbled and rich in flavor. Korean short ribs have the perfect ratio of meat and fat, while the meat just falls off the bone once cooked. This cut can be easily marinated or just add salt before grilling.

AKA: Flanken Ribs, Hawaiian-Style
Primal: Short Plate
Best Cooked: Grill, Pan Sear

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