6 Simple Steps to The Perfect Braise: No Recipe Required

6 Simple Steps to The Perfect Braise: No Recipe Required

Everything you need to know about braising using these simple steps. This low and slow cooking method is mostly hands off and even better it’s a great way to have leftovers.

  1. Pick your Meat: Some of our favorite cuts to braise are short ribs, chuck or rump roast, cross rib, oxtail and shank! Bone-in cuts will bring more flavor and depth to the braising liquid.
  2. Give it a Good Sear: No matter what cut you're cooking, the first step is to sear all sides, until golden brown. Then remove meat and start building flavors for the rest of the braise.
  3. Add Some Flavor: Use any combination of vegetables, herbs, spices or starches. But first, always start with onions and garlic, which will give a nice sweetness to the final dish.
  4. Choose a Base: Select any liquid, such as wine, beer, stock, bone broth or even water! Then add a little liquid to deglaze the pan to remove all those caramelized bits. Place seared meat back in the pan and add enough liquid to partially or fully submerge meat. How much liquid depends on how you want to serve it. Think stew versus a thick sauce!
  5. Let it Cook: Cover the pot with a lid. Set the oven around 250-300F to cook it low and slow. Make sure to check on the meat and move it around during cooking. Cook time will vary depending on cut, but when it’s about to fall apart, it’s done!
  6. Dinner is Served or Reduce Liquid to Amp Up Flavor: Either serve as a stew or remove meat to reduce liquid to create a concentrated sauce. Make sure to serve with something satisfying to soak up all that rich meat flavor. Pair with rice, mashed potatoes, or polenta.

Now, let’s get braising!

Simple Beef Roast Braise

  1. Meat: Beef Rump Roast , Beef Chuck Roast or Cross Rib Roast
  2. Sear: Lock in that Flavor
  3. Flavor: Thyme, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes (any vegetables)
  4. Base: Beef Bone Broth or Bison Bone Broth with Red Wine or Water
  5. Cook: 250F for 4-5 hours or until it falls apart
  6. Serve: Enjoy as a stew or reduce down for a thicker sauce paired with mashed potatoes.